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Progress and impact in Illinois and beyond.

Ignite innovation

From supporting startups and hosting more than 2,000 high-tech jobs, to creating interdisciplinary teams of interns for global business leaders, the Research Park at UIUC ignites innovation, transforming it into economic progress for our state.

Be a hero

In July 2020, UIUC began administering the rapid-result, saliva-based COVID tests developed by our researchers. In December, the one-millionth test was administered here on campus. Join us now as we work to deploy a testing strategy throughout the state.

Leverage our talent

Recruit employees from one of the deepest and broadest talent pools in the nation, or solve business problems by collaborating with our boundary-pushing researchers and innovators. The Office of Corporate Relations can help match your needs to our resources.

Bold innovators and pioneers

Our 17,800+ graduate students daily demonstrate the university’s commitment to inclusion, innovation and impact. With more than 90 doctoral programs and 155+ master’s programs, our students are pioneering change in nearly every field imaginable.